From Competitive Intelligence to Competitive Advantage

We have been providing competitive intelligence for our clients since 1988—before Google, before e-mail, before LinkedIn. While we have grown and adapted as the world has changed and use everything we can to get the job done ethically, we also know that the new technologies can easily become crutches, and many users never scratch below the surface of search results.

Some CI groups will tell you that what you really need to know is online somewhere. We know from experience that it’s not. It’s in people’s heads, and it’s what they say in meaningful conversations. The way we do competitive intelligence, we learn from the words someone chooses, the tone of their voice, where they pause. Google hasn’t changed any of that.

Competitive intelligence is not just about searching the internet or compiling survey data. Our approach is different; when we jump into a new project, we know how to find the right people and how to talk to them. We know how to ask the right questions and how to listen. We find out what people know, and more importantly, what they think.

We practice competitive intelligence following the highest ethical principles. And we treat our clients as partners, because that’s our standard. We give you the promise of cutting-edge research with age-old values—commitment, perseverance, and service. At Fletcher/CSI, we do CI the right way.

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